Our Services

The combination of modern technology
with health care makes the consultation process easier.

Conduit Consults

At Conduit Health, we are able to connect both our team of Psychiatrists and patients to each other via teleconferencing.

Our service benefits patients who are unable to travel, to conduct their consultation from their home. This means that there is no longer need to travel long hours or spend time in the waiting room to meet up with their psychiatrists.

Conduit Health also assists General Practitioners to get a shared health care plan by a specialist for their patients, in a timely fashion. In some cases, we provide access between the General Practitioner and Psychiatrist to discuss the patient’s care via teleconference. A formal report for each and every patient referred, will be sent to the General Practitioner, highlighting diagnostic impressions as well as treatment advice.

Conduit Health currently provides consults with Consultant Psychiatrists. We are planning to expand our services soon in Psychology, Psychotherapy, as well as mental health nurse contacts.